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Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet with Assist Handles

Lodge Logic Skillet

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is a multi-functional cookware that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes and all your favorite foods. This pre-seasoned Skillet works like a charm right out of the box. Made of cast iron, this Skillet evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls. Also, it retains heat better so your delicious meal remains warm for a long time. Sporting a stylish black color, the cast iron Skillet looks good in most kitchens and it doubles up as an excellent source of nutritional iron.

A simple Cast-Iron skillet, like the one your grandmother used, still ranks as one of the best cooking utensils ever made. It gives you a nearly non-stick surface, without the possible harmful fumes generated by preheating chemically treated nonstick cookware.

Many of the pieces of cast iron cookware made in the Lodge Foundry over a century ago remain in use today.

Lodge Logic Skillet


  • Made of cast iron
  • Assist handles for easier handling
  • Pre-seasoned and ready-to-use
  • Multi-functional cookware
  • Virtual Non-stick surface
  • Works with induction stove tops
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking

Detailed Highlights:

Multi-Functional Cookware

The right tool for searing, sauteing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting, and frying.

Made of Cast-Iron

Cast-Iron is a form of cookware developed over a millennia ago remains as popular today as when it was used to prepare meals hundreds of years ago. Cast Iron is one of only two metals compatible with induction stovetops. Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating.

Can Be Used With A Variety of Heat Sources

At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over the campfire. Skillet may be used on various heat sources including gas, electric, induction and ceramic-glass top stoves and ovens. When using on glass stove tops, be careful not to slide the cookware around as it’s possible to scratch the surface. Seasoned cast iron can also be used on the grill or outdoor fire and coals for camp cooking. Begin heating cookware on low and slowly bring heat up to medium or medium/high. Always remove cookware from the stovetop after cooking.


Seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use.

Seasoning is a necessary step in using cast iron cookware. Oil is baked into the pores of the iron at the foundry to prevent rusting and to eventually provide a natural, non-stick cooking surface. Unlike synthetically coated cookware, it is possible to restore the cooking surface of cast iron.

Lodge uses a proprietary soy-based vegetable oil to season our cookware. The oil contains no animal fat or peanut oil. The seasoning is functional application and slight inconsistencies may appear in the seasoning finish. The inconsistencies will not affect cooking performance.

Easy to Care for

Easy: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil. It is very important to replenish the seasoning of your cast iron cookware by applying a thin layer of oil after each cleaning. Seasoning is an on-going process. The more you use cast iron, the seasoning is improved.

Using Your Lodge Cast Iron

Rinse with hot water (do not use soap), and dry thoroughly.

Before cooking, apply vegetable oil to the cooking surface of your pan and pre-heat the pan slowly (always start on low heat, increasing the temperature slowly).

Once the utensil is properly pre-heated, you are ready to cook.

TIP: Avoid cooking very cold food in the pan, as this can promote sticking.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Handles will become very hot in the oven, and on the stovetop. Always use an oven mitt to prevent burns when removing pans from oven or stovetop.

Care and Cleaning of your Lodge Cast Iron

After cooking, clean utensil with a stiff nylon brush and hot water. Using soap is not recommended, and harsh detergents should never be used. (Avoid putting a hot utensil into cold water. Thermal shock can occur causing the metal to warp or crack).

If you are having trouble removing stuck-on food, boil some water in your pan for a few minutes to loosen residue, making it easier to remove.

Towel dry immediately and apply a light coating of oil to the utensil while it is still warm.

TIP: Do not let your cast iron air dry, as this can promote rust.

Store in a cool, dry place. If you have a cover, or lid, for your utensil, place a folded paper towel in between lid and utensil allowing air to circulate. This prevents moisture from collecting inside the utensil, which can cause rust.

TIP: The oven is a great place to store your cast iron; just remember to remove it before turning on the oven.

NEVER wash in dishwasher.

If for some reason your utensil develops a metallic smell or taste, or perhaps rust spots (maybe a well-meaning relative washed your utensil in the dishwasher or with soap thinking they were being helpful), never fear. Simply scour off the rust using a very fine grade of sandpaper or steel wool and refer to our section on re-seasoning.

Lodge Logic Skillet

Re-Seasoning your Lodge Cast Iron

While maintaining the seasoning should keep your Cast Iron in good condition, at some point you may need to repeat the seasoning process. If food sticks to the surface, or you notice a dull, gray color, repeat the seasoning process:

Wash the cookware with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. (It is okay to use soap this time because you are preparing to re-season the cookware).

Rinse and dry completely. Apply a thin, even coating of MELTED solid vegetable shortening (or cooking oil of your choice) to the cookware (inside and out).

Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven to catch any dripping.

Set oven temperature to 350 – 400 degrees F.

Place cookware upside down on the top rack of the oven.

Bake the cookware for at least one hour. After the hour, turn the oven off and let the cookware cool in the oven.

Store the cookware uncovered, in a dry place when cooled.

Lodge Logic Skillet
Why should I choose Lodge cookware over other brands?

For over 112 years, Lodge has provided quality cast iron cookware and accessories, with a broad and innovative assortment. Our continued commitment to quality enables Lodge to offer a superior product line.

How is the diameter measurement of Lodge Cookware determined?

We measure from outside rim to outside rim across the top of the cookware, not the bottom.

What type utensils are recommended to be used with Lodge products?

We recommend using wood or silicone utensils to avoid scratching.

Why should soap or detergent not be used to clean cast iron cookware?

Soap and detergent are used to break down and remove oils. Since the seasoning of your cast iron consists of oil, cleaning with soap will strip or remove the seasoning from cookware.

Are there any types of food that are not recommended to be cooked in cast iron cookware?

Foods which are very acidic (i.e. beans, tomatoes, citrus juices, etc.) should not be cooked in a cast iron utensil until the cookware is highly seasoned. The high acidity of these foods will strip the seasoning and result in discoloration and metallic tasting food. Wait until cast iron is better seasoned to cook these types of foods.

Lodge Logic Skillet

Lodge is a Green Foundry:

Lodge is a zero hazardous waste stream foundry. Lodge designed a vegetable oil recycler for the seasoning process to reduce waste and unusable oil is recycled and used as biodiesel generator. Lodge uses recycled and biodegradable packing materials. Reuse of foundry sand used in the casting process is recycled and unusable sand, working to purify the water of the local streams and planting trees to improve air quality and beautification.

Lodge History:

Lodge is the oldest family-owned cookware foundry in America. Since 1896, the Lodge family has been casting premium iron cookware at their Tennessee foundry. Starting with raw materials and finishing with their seasoning process, they continue to improve on the highest quality standards that go into every piece we make. As the sole American manufacturer of cast iron cookware, they are proud to carry on the legacy started by founder Joseph Lodge. Lodge doesn’t just make cast iron; they make heirlooms that bring people together for generations.

Price: $18.97

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Lodge Logic L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan

Lodge Logic L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan, 10.5-inch

Put restaurant stripes on your grilled favorites like a pro. Low fat cooking as the ribbed bottom pan lets you keep foods from simmering in fatty drippings. 10.5 inch square skillet is Seasoned and ready to use.

Price: $18.97

You Save: 24%

4.4 out of 5 stars (317 customer reviews)

23 used & new available from $18.97

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Lodge Pro Logic 14″ Cast Iron Wok, Black

Lodge Pro-Logic P14W3 Cast Iron Wok, Black, 14-inch

Seasoned ready to use 14″ wok with loop handles features even, fast heating and excellent heat retention. All important factors in successful stir frying, simmering and braising. This unique flat bottomed cast iron wok allows you to use an electric or gas range without a ring to hold the work steady and transfers the heat rapidly from the burner to the wok.

Price: $49.97

You Save: 38%

4.7 out of 5 stars (238 customer reviews)

25 used & new available from $44.52

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Lodge Logic L5MS3 5 Inch Miniature Skillet

Lodge Logic L5MS3 Mini Skillet, 5-inch

This 5 inch miniature skillet is great for individual uses such as frying an egg. Or, take advantage of the latest dessert trend and use these to prepare individual cookies and brownies and finish off with a scoop of ice cream. Great table presentation and the cast iron construction makes for perfect baked treats every time. Preasoned and ready to use right out of the box.

Price: $9.34

You Save: 7%

4.2 out of 5 stars (74 customer reviews)

17 used & new available from $7.99

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Lodge Logic 10-Inch Chef’s Skillet

Lodge Logic LCS3 Chef’s Skillet, 10-inch

Original finish. Designed for you fancy cooks, this unique Chef skillet has sloped sides which are perfect for cooking omelets or sauteing. 10 inch diameter, 1-3/4″ deep. To season, follow these easy directions – Wash with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Spead a thin coat of solid shortening or vegetable oil over the entire pan including handles and exterior surfaces. Line the lower oven rack with aluminum foil to catch any drippings and preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place cookware upside down on middle rack of oven and bake for 1 hour. Turn off the oven, leaving the cookware in the oven until cool. Your cookware will look slightly brown, instead of the familiar black but it is ready for cooking. It will blacken with cooking.

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4.5 out of 5 stars (103 customer reviews)

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Lodge Logic, Seasoned Cast Iron CookwareMuffin/Cornbread Pan

Lodge Logic L5P3 Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Muffin/Cornbread Pan

Seasoned and ready to use straightsided muffin pan with 6 impressions. Old fashioned muffins are always a treat. Cast Iron cooks best. The even heat control allows for a perfect bread crust every time. Pre-Seasoned and ready to use. Impressions are 2-1/2″ in diameter and 1-1/2″ deep.

Price: $15.62

You Save: 2%

4.0 out of 5 stars (97 customer reviews)

9 used & new available from $13.99

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 14-Ounce Melting Pot

Lodge Logic LMP3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Melting Pot, 14-Ounce

Perfect for warming butter, melting cheese, scalding milk or heating syrup. Versatile for stovetop or BBQ grill. Sure to become your favorite pot for smaller portions of sauce. 16 oz capacity. Seasoned and ready to use

Price: $14.99

You Save: 0%

4.4 out of 5 stars (63 customer reviews)

16 used & new available from $11.99

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set

Pre-Seasoned ready to use cast iron cookware. There are many benefits with cooking with cast iron cookware.

Price: $28.99

You Save: 0%

4.3 out of 5 stars (20 customer reviews)

4 used & new available from $22.27

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cornbread Wedge Pan

Lodge Logic L8CB3 Pre-Seasoned Cornbread Wedge Pan

So you want to make perfect cornbread? Then this is the pan for you. Cast Iron is ideal for that perfect cornbread crust, not too thick, not too dark. Unique cooking properties of Cast Iron cook evenly without hot spots. The Lodge Cornbread pan is partitioned into eight sections for individual, ready to serve portions. Recipe included. Seasoned and ready to use.

Price: $17.99

You Save: 0%

4.5 out of 5 stars (76 customer reviews)

38 used & new available from $16.42

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 15 Inch Skillet

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 15 Inch Skillet

This extra large skillet can accommodate many recipes


You Save: 0%

4.5 out of 5 stars (28 customer reviews)

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